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Have questions on AFFSQUARE Affiliate Network? Our team is here for you, taking your back and answering any of it all! Have a look here at some of our most common responses and questions that could help you in your affiliate journey with AFFSQUARE.

 Affiliate Marketing is a Sales-Performance
Marketing module where every product is
sold through an affiliate's campaign is
subjected to a previously agreed
commission. Affiliate Marketing is simply
the module where promoters -affiliateschoose a product they enjoy and start
earning money through promoting it.
 AFFSQUARE is an Affiliate Marketing consultancy
where it offers leading advertising campaigns where
our programs provide high performing sales module
with 0% risk for advertisers and highly secured
payments for Affiliates. AFFSQUARE Affiliate
Network delivers all its services through 4K affiliates
and multiple digital tools and programs to boost
 It is so simple, for advertisers, you only
charged for previous agreements on results -
indicators- like traffic, actions, sales, ...etc.
On the other side as an affiliate, you got paid
on your campaigns' results upon agreed
percentage through our network.
 Payments and Charging are upon every time a
customer (end-user) completes the action "Purchase
– subscription - ....etc." through our running
campaigns by the network.
 AFFSQUARE allows any of the following
sources, as far as you don't use incentive
The following permitted traffic sources:
- Mobile Traffic
- Social media Traffic
- Search Engine Marketing
- Advertising banners
- Email Marketing
- WhatsApp Marketing
- Websites
 In many ways, once you use in-permitted traffic, your
account will get panned in the following cases:
1- Incent Traffic.
2- Using tricks with false results to gain more profits.
If your account is blocked in-mistake, you can
contact us, and we will investigate and activate your
account again.
 Our Affiliate links are designed to make
offers through our dashboard -network- to
provide a link preview to do testing. As
using the preview link, no Affsquare affiliate
ID is appended, and the advertiser won't get
charged for that lead.
You can face our suspension policy once
you complete offers your self.
 AFFSQUARE offers a complete Affiliate dedicated
program to all E-commerce businesses with +4K
Affiliates and 0% risk; Advertisers reach through
Affiliate programs the maximum sales and rank the
highest conversion rates with only get paid for
 We offer niche-niche programs, where you
select a product you prefer to promote

through our network, and you begin running
your campaigns to reach the niche market
and collect your commissions on scheduled

Just follow our instructions and fill in the
requirements, then start earning money!
 AFFSQUARE offers an affiliate marketing module to
all e-commerce products/services by boosting their
traffic and sales and developing their sales activities
to reach the ultimate sales goals with 0% Risk and
paying only for results.
 It's essential to make sure you send the campaign traffic to the advertiser's
landing page/merchant's website through:
1- Direct all the campaign leads to the merchant's website directly.
2- Send visitor's email addresses to the product landing page.
Also, you can build your list of potential buyers to pitch them to any new
affiliate-related campaigns.
Besides the medium, you have to make sure of the targeted segment and be
sure of monitoring and tracking.
 We provide a wide range of Niche products
but the most products we focus on:
E-commerce, Real Estate, App Install, and
Niche Products.
 You can be a successful AFFSQUARE Affiliate once
you follow the consultancy services and polices
within our AFFILIATE Network.
For Advertisers, we're working with 4K+ affiliates in
the MENA Region and Globally, where they'll be
working on your targeted campaigns and traffic. As
well, you're supported by both AFFSQUARE Team
and Consultancy
 It's preferable to own your website and landing pages. Still, we
also offer any maintenance and complimentary website
development service to ensure your landing pages are working
efficiently and reach your sales goals.
 To start with AFFSQUARE, fill up the form
if you have a product and you want to sell
it through our Affiliate Network, or be our
partner and fill in your request and be an
AFFSQUARE affiliate member!
 You don't have to make much effort; fill
up the forum or call us directly, and our
sales team manager will contact you
directly, to sum up the deal.
 Make sure your website and landing
pages are running probably and you have a
hand on your logistics and offline business
practices to get the best out of your leads
and running traffic.
 Just fill in the forum and our Affiliate
Manager will contact you directly to sum
up a deal with you.
Then you will have an access to our
 - It is preferable to have your own digital
asset to begin through our affiliate
programs but if you don't have your own
platform or channel you can follow other
ways to derive the niche traffic for the
dedicated actions.
 To be an affiliate with AFFSQUARE you
don't have to be an expert but you should
only now how to optimize campaigns and
create attractive content to derive traffic to
your running ads.
 When using incent traffic or trying to trick the
systems into doubling your net profit, your account
could be panned. No show for 60 days without giving
any previous alert -excuse- will hold your account.
In case of any misunderstanding or mistake, you can
contact us immediately, and our team will
investigate the issue and activate your account again.
 Our platform is open for any
products except in-proper or
prohibited products.
 Our Affiliate links are designed to make offers
through our dashboard -network- to provide a link
preview to do testing. As using the preview link, no
AFFSQUARE affiliate ID is appended, and the
advertiser won't get charged for that lead.
You can face our suspension policy once you
complete offers your self.
 Through our Network all our
promoted links are subjected to
trackers which are connected to the
dashboard where all parties have
real time insights that will help in
monotonizing the campaign and
results and securing the payments.
 Affiliates are paid more than 80% of the
amount determined by the advertiser per
click, action, or sale.
We offer you exclusive offerings with an
exclusive commission rate! Our commission
rates are variable from a category and
product to another.
 We review all payment requests
from the publishers on the day 10th
of each month and pay them
straight away.
Once you reach the 100$ minimum
payment in your account your
transaction will be scheduled.
 Our Payments are scheduled and secured
on a monthly basis once you record the
minimum transactions 100$.
We offer both solutions PayPal and Bank
 100$ is the minimum payment to
schedule your transaction.
 We offer multiple secured payment
methods wither you prefer bank
transactions or PayPal.

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