Affsquare best affiliate network and platform

Affsquare is a unique advertising network that leads your advertising campaigns to the highest growth of sales, you pay only for whatever you specify yourself. We are working with more than 3000 marketers Affsquare seeks for achieving the greatest possible profits by lots of tools and support
AffSQuare aims to create better relation between advertisers and publishers. And ensure maximum performance Ads and best profit for both.
As a publisher you should have updated knowledge related to the following fields:
- Marketing experience especially PPC ADs
- SEO for your website or social media platform
- Email Marketing
- Other Marketing Skills
We reward publishers more than 80% of the amount determined by the advertiser per click or action.

For CPA offers we pay minimum 2$ to 100$ per action, sometimes even more
For CPC and Native Ads offers, we pay minimum 0.04$ per click.
For CPS offers, we pay 40 % to 60 % per sale
We review all payment requests from the publishers at the 10th day of each month and pay them straight away
AffSQuare has a unique Custom tracking software, that determines conversions, visits, sales,...etc. and calculates your earnings.
We pay via many ways such as krill, Payoneer, PayPal, Bank transition
Disqualified sales get deducted from the next payment; it could be happened due to cancelling sale from customer, or delivery refusal
Yes. 100$ is the minimum payment limit,
which means that when your profits reach 100$ you can withdraw your money easily
- Use incent traffic
- trying to trick us in any way to gain more profits
- Stop working for 60 days without giving an excuse.

In case you find out that there is a mistake, you can contact us and we will activate your account once again
You have violated our terms of use; maybe you should take a look at our policy and terms of use here. If you think that you were suspended by mistake, contact our technical team here
We allow the following traffic resources:
Mobile traffic
Social network
Search engines
Banner ad

We don't allow the following traffic:
Incent traffic

Anyone use this sort of traffic will be blocked permanently
You can invest as high as you want, only 100$ is your minimum starting fees. And you can refund your money with only transaction fees deducted.
We aim to achieve the highest possible benefits for all parties. So that advertisers get many advantages such as:

- Pay only for the action you specify.
- Get many tips from our team to improve your campaigns.
- your campaigns are marketed by more than 3000 marketers all over the world.
- AffSQuare empowers you with lots of tools and statistics to help improve your own campaigns and make more sales.